June 2-3 Skolkovo held a major startup event, Skolkovo Startup Village. We exhibited there — it was fresh, live, and brought us a number of valuable connections.

A couple of our Russian backers came to our booths, and even though we had only a few spare devices delivered to us with the first limited batch, we thought we could reward at least one backer's patience and loyalty by giving him his HUDWAY GLASS right there, at the exhibition.


Both days were very busy — and it once again confirmed high demand and interest towards our product. It was the first time when everybody could test the accessory right outdoor, on a sunny day — and we're glad to say that their reaction was positive.


At the same time, it was very disappointing to tell people they can buy the product right now, and need to wait until July, when we're through with shipping Kickstarter rewards and will be able to focus on our other customers.

Meanwhile, two of our team members are now in Taiwan — to personally control the production and scale it up faster. Our main combiner tooling is sent to maintenance, and the products made with the spare one are a bit below the standards we accepted. We have a number of options to overcome it, but this requires some time, which is the cause of the schedule shift and delay in shipping start.