Do you guys hate speeding tickets as much as we do? There are two ways to never get them:

1. You are a hot blonde.

2. You have HUDWAY Speedometer app.

So, if No. 1 does not apply to you, check out our Speedometer app.

Download it on your iOS or Android device and it will alert you if your speed is near the limit or exceeds it. You no longer need to constantly be distracted from the road to monitor your current speed and be on a look-out for the next speed limit sign on the road. The app does it for you!

*Sorry, due to insufficient databases, the app doesn't work in the UK, France, Italy, India, South Africa, China, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico – so you are on your own there.

The app is designed not to distract but to catch attention of your peripheral eye only when you are driving too fast. You can even set an allowable speed limit excess – so the app would only alert you if you are driving, say, 2, 5 or 10 miles over the limit.

And the best part is — you'll be able to use the app in HUD mode, together with HUDWAY Glass accessory (hits retail this summer), or run it in a regular mode, if you so choose! Drive safe and avoid speeding tickets!